Paying it forward

20190131_095812Hi! I’m Gilbert Caballero a recovering drug addict working as a coach at Safehaven recovery village.

I decided to worked in Safehaven mainly just to pay it forward to the addict who are still broken, wounded and hurting.. because i myself am a product of Safehaven. Last november 24, 2017 i completed my 6 months treatment in Safehaven. Safehaven helped me to get up on my feet and stand again.. safehaven made me realize what life is without substance, and sure is a hell lot more better without drugs.

Addiction for me is a serious disease. I myself is a victim of it. I basically lost all. My family, my friends, my worth, my God. Basically all that is around me i lost it all. during my drugging days, there is one thing more than anything else that is important to me my drug of choice (meth). I will do everything just to get that high even if it will cost my life, my family, my friends. my world shrunk in-front of my eyes, got no friends to talk, my family doesn’t want me in the house anymore,nobody trust me anymore. In short I’m all alone with my drug of choice against everyone around me. I’ve been drugging for 7 years, and that was the darkest years of my life. If addiction did that to my life in a short span of time,

I’m really sure that any filipino who has the disease also undergo the things I went through or maybe worst. People with the disease of addiction are people having the darkest days of their lives, why would i say that? Because i have been there and sure is the worst/ darkest days of mine. i have this feeling of helping them because i like to give back or pay it forward what help I’ve received 21 months ago. And for me helping another addict get out of that darkest place is truly a great feeling for me. No feeling can describe the way i feel guiding / helping another fellow addict get out of that hole. and honestly, helping another fellow addict, is like helping myself too, because I can see myself way back then,when i needed that help and help is given my another fellow recovering addict.